No Magic Formula

No Magic Formula

February 08, 2021

Bass fishing is just like many other things in life. There is no magic formula for success every time. There is no single lure that produces bass on every trip. It is the same as any other sport, business, or contest. The only magic formula is called hard work, trail and error, and determination.

Super Bowl Success

You might ask yourself what magic formula does Tom Brady use to make 10 Super Bowls? Maybe you think Patrick Mahomes has a better formula since he has had success so quickly? They both have amazing attention to detail, they demand the most from themselves, thus they can demand the most from everyone around them. Some people just rise up during the most pressure packed times. I would have to say Mahomes and Brady are that way

Back to Bass Fishing

We all know that KVD does remind people of Tom Brady in bass fishing. If you follow him closely, he does not have one bait or technique that he has won all of his tournaments on. He has won tournaments on deep cranks, spinnerbaits, drop shots, and more. The big advantage for Kevin has always been being efficient on the water. He quickly adjusts to changing conditions. That is the real magic.

For me, the ability to adjust from day to day is the real magic for bass anglers. Our sport has more variables in it that any other out there. The lakes change. The weather changes. The bass move around. The light changes. It all changes. You must be ready and willing to adjust on the water in order to keep getting bites.

Finding Formula

Perhaps the hardest part of all bass fishing is finding the fish. You put your boat in a big lake and look around. They could be anywhere. It can be intimidating. It can be overwhelming. You have to remember that a bass is a bass no matter where they live. You have to know that there are a few things that bass always try to find. You find those things and you will find the bass.

Bass like something different. If there are 5 points and one is bigger, that is the one they will be on. If there is a dock that creates shade, that is where they will be. If there is a grass line and it makes a point, that is where they are going to be. Bass are ambush feeders. They are looking to get an easy meal so hiding out to get them is the deal. Looking for the different type of cover is the best way to find those bass.

Keeping the Magic Going

The best thing to remember about bass fishing is that it is the most humbling sport. No matter how good you catch them one day, you can guarantee that the next day will be different. If you are not ready to adapt every day, you are going to be humbled. Keep it new each day and you may have just figured out the magic.