Missile Baits Adds Ron Champion, Professional Kayak Angler


Missile Baits Adds Ron Champion, Professional Kayak Angler

Salem, Va. – January 30, 2020 – Missile Baits, a soft plastics bass fishing lure company based in Salem, Virginia, is adding Ron Champion, professional kayak angler, to their promotional team. Champion will give Missile Baits his expertise and reach to the kayak world, a very fast-growing segment of fishing for all age groups. Champion brings the experience of fishing over 200 kayak tournaments and the result of over 100 top 10 finishes. As his name suggests, Ron Champion has won his fair share of national and regional kayak tournaments. Ron has also competed in numerous international kayak tournaments for various species of fish.

John Crews, Missile Baits owner and pro bass angler said, “The last couple years, I have gotten to know and follow Ron. He is a super nice, humble, family man but he can sure catch fish out of a kayak. His track record proves just that. Ron will really help show and teach people how to utilize all of our Missile Baits to catch fish out of a kayak.”

“To get paired up with a company that fills tackle boxes with baits that catch fish is a big deal for me,” added Ron Champion. “John knows what bass anglers need and it going to be fun to show the kayak world more about what Missile Baits has to offer.”

Ron and his family reside in Richmond Hill, Georgia but he grew up in central Tennessee. His time in Tennessee combine with his experience in Georgia and traveling to give him a very well-rounded skill set as an angler. When not on the water, Champion enjoys hunting, golf, and collecting vintage fishing lures. Be sure to follow him on his social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.