October 18, 2021

The month of October can be a tough bass fishing time period. The fall often means the bass are in transition from their deep water or summertime haunts to their fall feeding patterns. Well, they should be in their feeding patterns by October, right? With the right baits, it sure can be.


Topwater Time


October might be my favorite month to throw topwater baits. I always have either a Whopper Plopper, buzz bait, or walking spook style bait tied up. I use the buzz bait around shallower isolated cover and flats. I move to the Plopper in the same type places but where I feel like I need to call them up from a longer distance. The spook is my call for trying to keep the bait in the strike zone for as long as possible but still want that drawing power.


Be sure you find an area that has plenty of bait fish to start throwing the topwater. This should not be too hard in October. The water temps are cooling but don’t let that scare you. I would continue to throw topwater until the water temps get into the low 50’s. One last tip is to use braided line like Sunline X-Plasma on all 3 of the previously mentioned baits. You will have better hook ups and lose less fish.


Jig Gets Good


As the water temps cool, the crawfish begin to look for their hibernating areas. I am not a scientist or biologist, but I feel like the crawfish start moving more as the water cools in October. I think this is why a jig really gets good in October. My normal first call is for the Missile Jig Mini Flip Jig. The rate of fall can make a difference so be sure to alternate between a 1/2 and 3/8 ounce jig. Any crawfish looking color can be good but do not forget about trying one with some orange in it. I have seen that be a big deal in getting bit.


The trailer can also help you get bit. The Missile Baits Mini D Chunk fits the Mini Flip Jig perfectly and would be my first choice. The action of the flappers would call attention to the jig, which is important. You can alternate color options on the chunk to help find if there is a trigger color.


Shallow Crank


Throwing a SPRO Little John might be one of the most obvious fall baits to throw. It covers water. It casts a mile. It imitates the bait that many of the bass are feeding on. There are others crank options to try like the Rock Crawler, Fat John, and more but I feel like there is a lot of info about shallow cranking in the fall so we will stay focused on other baits.


The Ball and Chain


Don’t forget about the old Carolina Rig in October. This is not a conventional use for the Carolina Rig like on deep main lake points and ledges. In October, take the C-rig and lighten up a little bit. Drop back to a 1/2 ounce weight. Look for secondary points in bigger pockets or the backs of the creeks. You would be surprised but how few anglers fish the Carolina Rig in October so you might be able to mop up with it once you find the right places. My go to bait for this technique would be the Missile Baits Baby D Stroyer. It has a very craw look to it and I have had some great days in October on that one.


Be sure to try these best bait bets this October, and you might just load the boat.