April 13, 2020

During this current crazy situation that we are in, we should all find our space and GO FISH! Global pandemic is a once in a century term. COVID-19 was not even discovered until late last year. Coronavirus sounds like a hangover from drinking too many Mexican beers or so we would have said before the year 2020. The economic stress and uncertainty are tough on everyone. A great way to keep your mind right is finding somewhere that is not crowded and going fishing.

It is crazy to me that some states are actively discouraging recreational fishing right now. When I tell everyone to go fishing, I am not insinuating that anyone break the law or jeopardize anyone’s health. Virginia, where I live, is actually encouraging people to get outdoors and enjoy responsible recreation. Other states are taking similar measures, but all states are monitoring how people are doing it.

Please cherish this right we still have. Do not have make shift bass tournaments that involve any type of central meeting point. Be smart. Fish smart. Live smart. Let’s make sure we are smart about how we take to the water and the woods during these drastic times so that we can continue to have the right to fish.

In Virginia, many of the bass are just starting to spawn in most waters. This is some of the best bass fishing of the whole year. Other fish are moving shallow no matter if you are on a tidal river or big lake. Ponds are producing at some of their best catch rates of the year right now. The next month in the middle to southern part of the United States is a great time of year to go fishing. The northern waters are going to get on fire very soon if they are not already.

Fishing still needs social distancing. You may need to get gas, grab some snacks, or make a stop on your way to fish. Be sure to sanitize and stay clean. Once in the boat or on the bank, make sure you are with family you live with or a co-worker but still try to keep from spreading any germs just to be safe.

I can tell you one thing. When I am not in the Missile Baits office right now, I am getting out on the water with my family or filming on the water to help people catch more fish when they do go fishing. I hope to see you on the water soon… at a safe distance of course!