Hover Missile Launch, Classic Exclusives, and More

Hover Missile Launch, Classic Exclusives, and More

March 19, 2024


Hover Missile Launch, Classic Exclusives, and More

Salem, Va. – March 19, 2024 –Missile Baits is launching the new Hover Missile jig heads to capitalize on the red-hot mid-strolling technique for catching suspended bass. Available in three hook sizes with multiple weights to choose from, the missile shaped weight is centered on the hook shank for an erratic horizontal fall. Missile Baits produced a run of hand tied rubber skirts by Greenfish Tackle on their popular Mini Flip and Head Banger jigs only available at the 2024 Bassmaster Classic. Missile Baits is also now selling loose silicone skirts from their mini and full-size skirt line ups.

“FFS techniques are really taking off and the tackle use is just now evolving. Built around a high quality Gamakatsu hook, the Hover Missile is a functional way to rig a soft plastic minnow bait like the Spunk Shad and fish for those bass in the middle of the water column. After the action, the slickest part is the toothpick and hole so it prevents the bait from twisting on the hook,” says John Crews, Missile Baits owner and professional bass angler.

The Hover Missile addresses a tricky technique with a functionally designed jig head. The high quality 90-degree jig hook helps the bait have the erratic and drifting action when paired with the missile shaped weight along the hook shank. A patented anchoring hole in the top fin of the missile weight allows a toothpick to be inserted through your bait and the hole, so your bait does not twist. Simply clip off the exposed part of the toothpick and the bait is locked into place. The #1 size hook comes in 1/32, 1/16, and 1/8 ounce sizes. The 2/0 hook comes in 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16 ounce sizes. 2/0 and #1 hook sizes come in three packs for a retail price of $5.99. The 4/0 hook comes in 1/4 and 3/8 ounce sizes, which come in two packs for a $5.69 retail price.

The 2024 Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa is going to be the place the public can first purchase the Hover Missiles and the HTR (Hand Tied Rubber) series by Greenfish Tackle of Mini Flip and Head Banger jigs. Two sizes and four colors of the Mini Flips including Green Pumpkin and Bruiser will be available. Two sizes and two colors of the Head Bangers including PB&J will be available. The HTR jigs will sell for $6.99 each. Also available at the Classic and at all retailers are the new Mini Skirts and Full Skirts from Missile Baits. They feature 3 packs of the double banded mini or full-sized silicone skirts from the Ike’s series of jigs for a retail price of $4.69. A variety of colors are offered in both the Mini and Full Skirts.

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MISSILE BAITS is a small company dedicated to creating SERIOUS soft plastic baits to help anglers catch more fish. The designs are straight off the top-level professional bass tour. Based in Salem, Virginia, MISSILE BAITS works relentlessly to make the best baits, show their customers how to use them, and stay on the cutting edge of bass fishing. Founded in January 2012, new products and videos will continue to be launched. Log onto www.MISSILEBAITS.com for videos, tips, forums, and more.

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