How to Learn From a Pro Bass Angler

How to Learn From a Pro Bass Angler

November 16, 2020

Being a professional bass angler for 20 years, I still learn every time I am on the water. I also learn a lot off the water. I learn more about how to catch bass from other pros, fans that I meet on the road, dealers that purchase Missile Baits, and every other place I can find good info. Some of this information I learn is because I am a pro angler. A lot of that information I learn is open for anyone to find and decipher. This blog is to show you the latter.

In the information and internet age, there is plenty of information out there on how to catch bass better. For my money, the professional bass anglers are the best way to learn. There is a ton of YouTube garbage out there to sift through. There is a bunch of great info from non-pros on YouTube as well. Once you find those reliable sources, that can be a decent way to learn more about bass fishing, but you are still going to be leaving a lot of info unwatched.

The Bass University

Far and away the best single place to find great information on how to catch bass is The Bass University. ( It is a partnership of Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek but there are also a ton of pros that have done seminars and days on the water for Bass U. It is a paid subscription to access all of the information but for anyone serious about catching more bass, it is a no brainer. You can search for certain topics and then watch a couple different pros give you their take on it.

The Bassmaster Elite Series

During a seminar format, many pros don’t quite divulge all of their secrets. I must admit I am surprised at how open many pros are on Bass U to sharing the real goods. Other than that, you really have to watch the pros during actual competition to get the good stuff. Aside from watching the competition, many avid bass anglers can and do watch BASS Live during the competition days of the Elite Series and Bassmaster Classic. This is must see TV! Ok, it is often only internet streamed but you get the point.

On BASS Live, there is no hiding the baits you are really using. This is something fans have complained about for years. There was no way to actually see the pros catching their bass in real time so they all figured editing would sway the fish catches to only show sponsor friendly baits and anglers. BASS Live shows everything. It is great because you get to see the baits but more importantly, you get to see a little more.

When you watch BASS Live, you will see that there really aren’t any super-secret lures that the pros only throw during tournaments. They are often throwing the same looking baits that you can roll into your local tackle shop and purchase. The real secret is HOW they fish these lures and what type places they are throwing them. THIS is the real secret. I have seen little tricks like how Keith Combs reels his crankbaits in hyper speed or the exact cadence that Chris Zaldain jerks his sacred Megabass Vision 110. They do things that you likely are NOT doing in order to trigger that bass into biting.

The internet is the devil in some cases but can be an amazing tool to help bass anglers learn more about how to catch more bass. Signing up to be a marshal and riding with the pros in an Elite Series event is a huge opportunity for learning but not everyone has the time and proximity to make that happen. Take these tips from me on how to learn from a pro bass angler and you will find yourself picking up a ton of good information that will translate into catching more bass.