New Baits Are Fun!

New Baits Are Fun!

June 29, 2020

Most every bass angler loves new baits. There is the excitement that the latest lure is going to do the trick to put a new personal best in the boat. I am also one of those anglers. I am also one of the people that designs new baits for people to catch that big bass on. The whole deal is fun either way.

2020, Don’t fail me now.

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a pretty messed up year. I won’t relive a single negative thing that has happened this year because we are still going to get new baits to catch bass with! I personally have responsibility for what comes out of Missile Baits. More on that later. SPRO is going to announce a number of new projects and they are very exciting. Cashion Fishing Rods has some stellar new technology that they are going to be announcing very soon. I have seen a few sneak peeks of new Chatterbaits from Z-Man. I am keeping a close eye on everything else new that a bass angler could want.

Missile Baits Unveiling

Missile Baits is releasing a number of new items in the summer of 2020. We introduced the Quivers at the Bassmaster Classic and are expanding the color options due to strong sales. Other baits are getting more color options like the D Bomb, Baby D Bomb, and Ned Bomb. The final new product is a head for Ned rig fishing called the NedBall Head. It is based on a VMC jig hook that nobody is using yet in bass fishing. It is called the TechSet jig hook. The balanced round head is the other key to coming up with something that bass anglers are going to love on the red-hot Ned rig.

What Do I Buy?

To be honest, I can’t sit here and tell you not to buy everything. Many new baits look good but actually suck. Many new baits look like nothing and are super awesome. Sometimes it is obvious on what you are getting either way. My advice is to buy the baits that fit into what you know first. If you are a Ned rig angler, buy the items that are used in Ned rig fishing first. You will know what is good and what is not as soon as you fish it. Wait until you can read some reviews on other items that are not in your wheel house. If you can’t resist something that looks great, I can’t blame you either.

Keys to Look For

With the flood of new items hitting the market, you need to know a few keys to watch for. Underwater footage is a huge deal on bass baits. I want to see what that bait looks like underwater. Many of the “pretty” or “realistic” baits look stiff and have terrible action in the water. I know of many ICAST Best Of Show baits that are in the bargain bin before the next ICAST because they don’t work. Don’t fall for the gimmick. Another key is knowing the company that is bringing out the bait. I think Missile has a strong reputation for not bringing out crap, but I would say that SPRO, Duo Realis, Megabass, 6th Sense, and Z Man have earned that reputation as well. Even big companies like Strike King and Rapala do a good job of bringing out a good line up of new baits each year.

The bottom line is that new baits are fun to look at and fun to fish with. The excitement that this latest lure is going to be a home run gets into every serious bass angler. I promise I will be picking up all kinds of baits from all kinds of companies over the next few weeks. Right now is just the beginning so enjoy!