Pond Fishing is Fun

Pond Fishing is Fun

April 27, 2020

Pond fishing is where I got my start in bass fishing. I grew up with a tiny pond literally 100 yards from my back door. It had bass and bluegill in it. When I caught my first bass in the 3 pound range, I was officially done with bluegill. I wanted to catch more of those big bass!

The pond fishing experience is more than just catching fish. I still love catching bluegill, crappie, and bass in ponds. As a matter of fact, I went pond fishing with my family last weekend. It was great even though the biggest bass we caught was under 2 pounds. It didn’t matter.

My step-son, Noah, turned 21 last week and he put on a show. He caught a bunch. My 12 year old daughter, Myah, blasted 15 or so little bass and some crappie. She is to the point where she takes them all off the hook by herself. My younger daughter, Ivy, is 8 and she caught 6 or 8 fish all by herself. Even my wife got into the action on a little bass and crappie. I caught a few when I was not being the guide. I loved every second of it.

Pond fishing is different like every lake is different. Topwater and plastic worms are my top 2 choices most of the year. I have could fish on about every type of lure they make in ponds. Since most all ponds don’t have a stiff current going through them like bigger lakes can, the bottom usually accumulates algae, aka “moss”, so bottom dragging baits are not an option. Some bigger ponds are able to have a clean bottom but those are at least 10 or 15 acres and 20 feet or deeper.

Ponds with clearer water are great for a wacky worm. Last weekend, the best bass lure was a Missile Baits Quiver 4.5 with a #2 Gamakatsu G-Finesse Stinger hook rigged right through the middle. That was what Noah started with and I ended up rigging the same for Myah. Ivy used her standard that is close to a wacky rig. She used a Neko rigged Missile Baits Ned Bomb with the same hook. The Ned Bomb had a 1/32 ounce Neko Weight in the head of the worm to help it get down. The funny thing is that the weight was not enough to get gummed up on the bottom.

Stained water in ponds is a lot of fun too. Spinnerbaits and chatterbaits are great in these type ponds, especially if you have some wind blowing. That vibration is something they can’t stand. I have had some of the most jarring strikes on the vibrating baits in ponds. However, topwater is just super hard to beat in stained ponds as long as it is warm out. Buzzbaits might be my favorite but poppers and Whopper Ploppers are pretty awesome as well. Pond bass seems to always be looking up for that next frog, bird, or big insect to hit the top of the water.

Now I have caught bass in ponds on so many different lures BUT we usually just have a little sack with us when we go pond fishing. Jerkbaits are another favorite if there is a little clarity in the water. Outside of that, the lures I listed above are a good start on a little pond fishing box for you and hopefully your family. Don’t let an opportunity to go fishing with your family or a friend go by without taking it!