Top 5 Bass Fishing Soft Plastic Colors of All Time

Top 5 Bass Fishing Soft Plastic Colors of All Time

February 01, 2021

Let me preface this piece by saying that I am big believer in action being way more important than color BUT color can be a multiplier. What I mean is that if you throw the right action and figure out the right color, you will get more bites than other colors in the same action. Now that is out of the way, let’s get into the fun of debating the best bass fishing soft plastic colors of all time!

  1. Redbug

 This is for sure an old school color and seems to only be popular in the worm style baits but man it has caught hundreds and thousands of bass. If you only threw Redbug in the south during the summer, you would probably be on the right color most of the time. I am not sure what it is about summer and a red color worm but it just works.

Other colors in this family: Plum, Strawberry, Cherry Blossom, Redbug Candy

  1. Bruiser Flash

Yes, this is a black and blue color that Missile Baits makes but I think this variation is the best. The color is a black and blue laminate with small silver hologram flake on both sides. It gives off the dark profile with that fishy looking flash as the bait moves. Any black and blue is hard to beat but the right variation is even better.

Other colors in this family: Bruiser, Hematoma, Black, Super Bug, Black Sapphire

  1. Junebug

Junebug could make an argument for the number 2 or even the number one spot as far as fish catch ability for me. I have caught bass in crystal clear water to super muddy on Junebug. It is great in straight worms, flipping baits, and about any other plastic you can find. If you leave out Junebug from your soft plastics, you are making a big mistake.

Other colors in this family: Junebug Red, Candybug, Black Grape

  1. Watermelon Red

Watermelon Red is a color you must provide in any soft plastic you make. It just works. It is a color that I always try during the spring and especially the spawn. It is also one of my favorite colors around milfoil grass in the summer. There is just something about that green hue with the red flakes in it. I have seen anglers use Watermelon Red all year and produce bass with it. It is a natural color and bass can see red very well.

Other colors in this family: Watermelon Candy, any Watermelon variation

  1. Green Pumpkin

All hail the king of bass fishing soft plastic colors: Green Pumpkin! It outsells every color when combined over all shapes of soft plastics. There is a simple reason. It works. The color was actually created by Zoom on accident. They were running a green color and switched to Pumpkin. When the colors mixed, it came out Green Pumpkin. Some of the employees started fishing those mixed ones and the rest is history. This one is a no brainer and I don’t think anyone can even argue it.

Other colors in this family: any Green Pumpkin variation, which there are a zillion