Missile Baits Adding NedBall Head, Missile Bag, and New Colors


Missile Baits Adding NedBall Head, Missile Bag, and New Colors

Salem, Va. – June 29, 2020 –Missile Baits is adding a NedBall Head, designed for fishing on a Ned rig, a new storage Missile Bag, and lots of new colors across a number of their baits. Building on the early success of the Quiver 4.5 and Quiver 6.5, Missile Baits is adding 6 colors on each length worm. The D Bombs, Baby D Bombs, and Ned Bombs are also getting two new colors each.

John Crews, Missile Baits owner and BASS Elite angler, said, “The Quivers have taken off since we released them at the Classic. It was a no brainer to add new colors including some that are totally new. I love the Redbug Candy and Hillbilly Magic! We also went through a number of hooks and head shapes before we got the NedBall Head dialed in. There is no doubt that will be a go-to head for Ned rig anglers. Now you can put all your tackle needs in the new Missile Bag. I have searched high and low for the perfect storage bag and ended up designing exactly what I wanted.”

The Quivers have 5 shared new colors including Hillbilly Magic, Fried Melon, Orange Green Pumpkin Core, and Redbug Candy. The Quiver 6.5 added Bruised Plum and the Quiver 4.5 added the quickly popular Bluetonium Green Pumpkin Core. The D Bomb is adding Hillbilly Magic and Black Neon, which is a black red flake variation with a chartreuse vein. The Baby D Bomb is now coming in Hillbilly Magic and Ballistic Bruiser. The Ned Bomb is going to be available in Fried Melon and Hillbilly Magic. All the soft plastic new colors are available now.

The NedBall Head is a new head for fishing a Ned rig, especially the Ned Bomb. Using a VMC TechSet 1/0 jig head, the NedBall has a balanced, round style head that skips, comes through hard cover, and has the signature glide you want in a Ned type head. The NedBall Head will come in 3 sizes (1/16, 1/8, and 3/16 ounce). The NedBall will be offered in the three colors of Green Pumpkin, Black, and Plain. The suggested retail price will be $4.99 for a pack of 3 heads. The NedBall Heads should be available at the end of July.

The Missile Bag is a clear, heavy duty, plastic storage bag that can hold your soft plastics, hooks, or any other tackle in a size that is not too big. Retailing for only $0.99, the Missile Bag is an affordable way for anglers of all skill levels to store their baits. Although the bag is clear, across the top of the Missile Bag is a white label that makes it easy to write with a marker as to exactly what it in each bag. The Missile Bag is durable and ready to take on anything an angler needs to throw in it.